Abstract Collage using vintage fabrics and papers
I began my exploration into non-objective abstraction in 1999 after receiving my Bachelor or Arts degree with and emphasis in fibers and textiles at San Jose State University.

I create by using the interplay of colors, textures and patterns to evoke a playful yet peaceful response. To begin each piece, I create layers from my own textured handmade papers, vintage fabrics, dress patterns sheet music, handwritten letters or recipes and other found ephemera. I then add layers of watery acrylics so I can push into the background and pull forward interesting pieces. I continue to layer until I feel that a pleasing composition has emerged. I think of this process as weaving the colors and textures together like fabric.

My work keeps me continually searching for handwritten and vintage papers and interesting textures to add history and depth to my modern compositions.

I currently live in Austin, Texas and my work can be found here at the Austin Art Garage or in a myriad of public and private collections across the US and abroad.